Learning through food

We are always adding events to our 2017 workshop, pop-up dinner and networking event calendar.

What do you want to learn this year? Who would you like to meet? What would you like to eat? Grown by who? Prepared by who?

Upcoming TWYMF Events


Eat Your Peels! 14th of June at Esplanade

Interested in a zero food waste lifestyle? This is the workshop for you! Let us help you demystify with this zero food waste conference, complete with some helpful tips, tricks and activities to get you started. Conference given predominantly in French. 

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Seasonal Workshops and Pop-up Dinners

We are currently planning our 2017 pop-up dinners and workshops. Stay tuned to learn more about our upcoming activities with local farmers, chefs and food entrepreneurs. Have an idea for an event? Send it our way 

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Foodtrepreneurs Food Fair : a taste for change ! July 5th

A night of food innovation and entrepreneurship in Mtl & Beyond
This event is for all innovative food entrepreneurs, chefs, farmers and individuals interested in meeting, exchanging and learning more about the amazing things taking place with food right now in Montreal and beyond. More information to come! 

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A Taste for Change : Alternative Financing for Food - September 13th

In partnership with Récolte and Esplanade, join us as we explore a diversity of financing options for local food systems. We will discuss the importance of access to capital for emerging foodtrepreneurs, farmers, artisans, social entrepreneurs, and the barriers they face in accessing appropriate financing for their immediate and long term needs. We will look at options such as : crowd funding, Slow Money, investment coops and more. Further details coming soon. 

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 Community Events

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