We believe coming together to eat is as important as eating itself.

Learning through making and eating food together. Check out our upcoming learning opportunities, networking activities and events.

It takes a community to feed a city. Meet the farmers, chefs, entrepreneurs, artisans and citizens working to bring food to your table.

Food for thought from various food movers and shakers in Montreal's food community and beyond.

We believe the best way to have people learn more about their food is through interactive food experiences!

Talk With Your Mouth Full is a collaborative project promoting the people bringing good food to your table

Who We Work With: Local farmers, urban producers, chefs, entrepreneurs, artisans, local organizations, foodies and food citizens working to bring more local, sustainable and ethically sourced food into our urban centers. Together we are growing better food for a better future for ourselves & our communities.

Events, workshops, field trips & networking opportunities spotlight local products; local producers; and local talent.

Who You Will Meet: Great local chefs or entrepreneurs; learn a new food skill; and, most importantly, share fabulous food moments with others around the table.

We want to hear your ideas and inspirations!

Know someone doing something great with food? We want to know about them! Have a great idea for an amazing food-focused workshop? We are all ears… of corn! Use the "contact us" button below to send us your thoughts. 

Have a great idea for an amazing food-focused workshop? We are all ears… of corn! (Could not resist)

Are you a Chef or Foodtrepreneur working to support local producers and your local community?

We want to hear from you! Our goal is to promote your work to as many people as we can.


We look forward to hearing from you and can't wait to share a meal with you!

Who we are

Laura Howard

Founder & Local Food Fanatic

"I am constantly looking to keep it local. I love facilitating ways to work together for change. Together we are building a more sustainable local food system and thriving local food economy. Take to me to a farm or farmers market and I will smile the whole day through!"

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Brooke van Mossel-Forrester

Communications, Community Engagement & Lover of Cooking Up Good Food! 

"You are what you eat!”

Marina Jolly

Business Strategy & Seeker of the Local and Delicious

"Food makes the world go round”

Rachel Cheng

Workshop Master
Cooking and eating in a way that brings joy to the soul and respects the earth is one of my greatest motivations. I work with a network of local chefs and artisans to offer affordable workshops that showcase local, sustainable and delicious ingredients.